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Your most important questions, answered


Q: Who does the editing?


A: Me, Erika, of course! I am the only one to ever see and edit your images. I believe in client confidentiality and your clients privacy. I believe that by only having one person editing, a consistent result is always achieved. I am a one woman show!


Q: Do you offer sample edits?


A: I do offer to edit sample sets of your images so that you can see what I can do with your images since I do not offer you a before and after gallery to see due to client privacy and confidentiality. Want to try it out? Just use the contact form!


Q: Will you edit according to my brand's style?


A: Of course! That's the whole reason behind hiring an individual, PRIVATE editor, and not a big box company! I provide photo editing services that are distinctive to your style, individualized, and personalized for your photography needs. When I am finished with your images and deliver them back to you, you should be able to deliver directly to YOUR clients!

Q: What if I have an issue with the edits/images?

A:  As I said above, I guarantee my work and I only want happy clients who are proud to use my services. If you have an issue, PLEASE tell me so I can fix it. I can totally handle criticism and if you don't like something, I want to fix it. 

Q: What's the average turn around time for edits?

A. Turn around times work great for those who never stray from their schedules, however, I know first hand that life happens and we can't always get done all we want to on time, because of this, I request that you give me a "due date" for when you would like to receive your final edits back. Most photographers follow a two week due date schedule after I receive their images. It seems to work best for us ALL, AND you're still surprising your clients early

*Editing Business days are Monday-Friday.* 

Q: What types of sessions do you accept?

A: I accept all sessions except posed newborn images. 


Q: How do I upload my images?

A: There are two ways you can do this, you can either upload raw files into dropbox, or you can export your raw files as a Lightroom catalog enabling smart previews, zip the catalog, and upload that to your dropbox folder. This is truly preference, but the catalog takes up less space. This is up to you, and we will collaborate on this and which option is best. 


Q: How will I receive my files?


A: If you are going for a completely finished product that allows you to take from drop box and upload for your clients, then I will send over the Jpeg files in Drop Box. If we are working with Smart Previews, I will upload the zipped Smart Previews Catalog with the edits back to you in Drop Box.